Thursday, February 3, 2011

Art Calendar Magazine changes it's name to Professional Artist Magazine

"Voice of the Tiger" has won 1st Place in Art Calendar's March 2011 Portrait Cover Contest. It is featured on the inaugural issue of the magazine with it's new name.

One of my paintings was on the cover once before, in January 2006.
This painting, “Fledgling Portal”, (Oil on Masonite, 38”x53”, 2003, Collection of David and Nicole Holcombe), was the third in my "Awakening Series". I did a total of eight pieces that explored growing up and life transitions.

In “Fledgling Portal” a girl stands wearing fairy wings; she is loath to give up the playfulness of her childhood. Behind her is a drapery with aluminum foil stars as the real world beckons from beyond. The clown is a reminder of scary things from our childhood that make us wonder what frightening things await on the other side of childhood.

This Awakening Series is not merely about one stage in life. I began this series as I was contemplating making the transition to full time fine art.

The young people in these paintings are stands in for every man about to embark on a big change in life, moving from one "stage" (the drapery with foil stars) to a bigger world beyond.

Symbols abound through-out the series, "Jet City" for getting there fast, a clown for scary things unknown, a goldfish in a bag, maps, empty nests, fast cars, and big cities.

It's like most of my work which is about life transitions, "change" which is the only constant for each of us. All these ideas came together in a very unconscious way, a percolating of ideas, the process that I love about making art.
“The Quickening”
Oil on Masonite, 40”x61”, 2003, from the collection of the artist
A young girl on the brink of womanhood...she is confident as she faces the world with her steady gaze and calm demeanor.  The lily is a Christian symbol of purity often associated with the Virgin Mary, but before that it was associated with the goddess Aphrodite, appropriate for a coming of age young woman. There are storm clouds on the horizon, a sure sign of the turbulence that must accompany all life transitions. 
“On the Wing”
Oil on Masonite, 40”x61”, 2003, from the collection of the artist
A young man is called by a world that is at once exciting, frightening, and unknown.  The boy is sure and confident.  The nest can have two meanings, the masculine role of builder, or the traditional image of the empty nest as a home left behind.
“New Frontiers”
Oil on Masonite, 38”x53”, 2003, Private Collection
Growing up and leaving home...  the young man is wearing a child’s cowboy hat in answer to the question “So, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Fences represent those things that hold us back but also protect us from danger. The goldfish in a plastic bag is in a temporarily safe yet precarious stage in his life. All could be easily lost in one small moment of carelessness. 
“Make Way”
Oil on canvas, 42”x58”, 2004, Collection of David and Nicole Holcombe
Godzilla and the boy are rampaging through the city with complete and utter abandon. “Look to it well and say you are well warn'd.”~ Shakespeare
Oil on canvas, 42”x58”, 2004, Private Collection
“Pin-up”, shows an independent girl who will walk her own path even as she is tugged by pressure to conform.
“Full Moon Flight”
Oil on canvas,  52”x36”,  2004, Private Collection
The girl is going west, strong and armed for the future  with keys, a map for direction,  and a rabbits foot for luck. Her destiny is as yet undecided, and the Magic 8 Ball reflects the uncertain  nature of life with it’s answers of “yes”, “no”,  “reply hazy try again". Future loves are symbolized by the valentine and the king of heart’s that is hidden away.
“Smoke and Mirrors”
Oil on canvas,  42”x58”,  2005, Private Collection
Danger, temptations, free will, secrets revealed, and fire as transformation, the magician divulges nothing.

The following are screen shots of the March 2011 issue of Professional Artist Magazine on news stands soon!


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