Oil Painting Classes, Ongoing
Forstall Art Center, Birmingham, AL
Tuesday Mornings, 9:30-12:30, and Tuesday Afternoons, 1:30-4:30
call (205) 529-9859 or email at terrystr@terrystricklandart.com
This is a back to basics class for all skill levels, appropriate for any student searching for the right tools to paint in a realistic manner.

“Terry Strickland is a terrific teacher.  First, her work is superb, so you know that it’s worth learning from her.  Second, she is kind and encouraging and sees promise in all of our efforts, but she doesn’t hesitate to let us know what we’re doing wrong if she thinks we’re at a point to benefit from the advice.  Finally, she really takes teaching seriously and puts a lot of time into preparing for class, coming up with creative projects, and figuring out how to get her message across.  I recommend her class without reservation.” ~Becky

“Terry's method of teaching is low on pressure and high on content. She incorporates multiple growth opportunities within each lesson including drawing , composition, color mixing, and brush technique. Terry is very approachable and eager to share her wealth of knowledge. I look forward to class each week!” ~Kim

“Both my drawing techniques and oil paintings have improved immensely since taking Terry's class...she gives constructive critiques of my work without making me feel bad...one of the best teachers I have ever had.  Terry is one of those artists who can paint AND teach!  I look forward to  her class every week.” ~Ellen 

Terry leads you through this “back to basics” class, designed for all skill levels and appropriate for every student desiring to paint in a realistic manner. Working from still life, live models, and photographs, you will explore color theory and paint mixing while learning the tried & true skills necessary to render three-dimensional forms and capture light with oil paint.

Terry's highly realistic and refined portraits in oil represent a refined beauty acquired through years of work and dedication to her art. Her skillful delicacy with a brush is brought to life for her students through thoughtful, incisive instruction.

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Terry's award-winning work has been shown extensively in galleries and museums in solo, group, and juried shows throughout the United States. It has received recognition from, appeared in or been written about by: The Huffington Post, The Artist’s Magazine, Drawing Magazine, American Art Collector, The Art Renewal Center, The Portrait Society of America, International Artist Magazine, Huntsville Museum of Art, the Mobile Museum of Art and others. She has taught painting at Forstall for since 2010. Previously she taught privately, at Space One Eleven, Birmingham Museum of Art and Brevard Community College in Florida. 

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