Saturday, January 25, 2014

Vive La (R)evolution Press Part 2!

More press after last fall's Women Painting Women shows came down,
here is Round 2! See Round 1 HERE.

Some artists involved in the shows have been blogging about their WPW opening experience, different aspects of what it means to be in a Women Painting Women show and how women artists approach this theme, possibly, differently than their male counterparts. Their insights are well worth reading!
Carly Strickland's blog (catalog designer), Self Portrait at Work, vector illustration
Linda Tracey Brandon,'s Blog  A World With Stripes,  24x36, oil
Lisa Gloria's Blog,  Victory, 24v18, oil on Maple
Ilaria Rosselli Del Rurco's Blog, Girl From Virginia,  24x32,  oil
Candice Bohannon, oil on mounted linen, 13.25x44.25

There is an eloquent and thought provoking review of the show by Gail Leggio in the
very well respected American Arts Quarterly in the Fall 2013 issue.

Individual back issues are $3 each (shipping included). Please be sure to indicate the number of copies, Volume number, and issue number for each order. Checks should be made payable to: Cultural Studies Center, 915 Broadway, Suite 1104, New York, N.Y. 10010.
For further information contact:

American Arts Quarterly, Fall 2013, Cover. That's Sadie Valerie's self portrait
If you click on the images of the pages below they should be large enough for you to read them. The article is not online.  

Times Free Press, by Barry Courter, a review of the Townsend Atelier show.
Women Seen by Women Seers, (I like that title), in The Pulse, by Michael Crumb,
a review of the Townsend Atelier show.
catalog is available for the Townsend Atelier show.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Samson and Delilah, Trust and Betrayal

My painting, Samson and Delilah, Trust and Betrayal has been used in National Geographic's television documentary Lost Faces of the Bible, episode: Delilah Revealed. It is a biblical archaeological series.
The director came across the painting online and asked for permission to use it at the end of the episode for a montage of various depictions of Delilah over the centuries. I've been told it would be on screen for approximately 2 seconds. I have yet to see it but if you do let me know!
Samson and Delilah, Trust and Betrayal, 36x52, oil on canvas over panel
The painting was a way for me to explore a moment of choice.  What we do and how we spend our days defines us. Even small daily choices have long term ramifications on the rest of our lives. I wanted to capture that moment when Delilah is deciding whether or not to cut Samson's hair. 
It's also about his trust and her betrayal. Each of those behaviors are choices consciously made.
This painting is in a private collection in Homewood, AL. Thank you Mary Lee and Kevin for inviting it into your home!

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Art Innovation of the Year Award!

Women Painting Women continues to be an inspirational movement!

The group received two awards from Katherine Tyrrell's Making a Mark Blog. If you don't know her massively popular blog check it out. It is listed as #14 in the top 75 art blogs. Katherine recognized the WPW and the innovation of print on demand publishing as being game changers for the art world.

The Art Innovation of the Year Award is for the group's production of the Women Painting Women: (R)evolution catalog produced by Matter Deep Publishing and designed by Carly Strickland for the WPW show at Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA in Sept, 2013.
The Art Innovation of the Year Award is awarded to highlight those artist bloggers who experiment and/or create and/or share innovations which help the practice of other artists.

The sharing may be through:
the invention of a new tool or art medium to aid artists
testing and reviewing a new art medium or material
experiments with existing or new art media, materials or equipment and the creation of                           a new way of doing things 

Making a Mark writes:

The Women Painting Women group... used HP's Magcloud to enable potential collectors to buy either print and online versions of their catalogue for the Women Painting Women (R)evolution exhibition. It's a novel way of enabling people to access a catelogue without having to spend a lot of money - because MagCloud works on the basis of a call off production.  They priced the digital catalogue at $5.99 - a figure which won't phase most collectors. 

Of course, we at Matter Deep Publishing are very excited to hear about the award!  Print on demand and digital publishing are great business tools and formats that we whole-heartily embrace.
Catalog available in digital or print.
The second award for the WPW is:

Making a Mark writes:
What the women had planned for 2013 fell only a little short of world domination! In the end, in 2013, the project organized and held SEVEN concurrent exhibitions and went international. Where do they go from here? Some National Portrait Gallery has got to pick them up at some point surely?

"This is an art blog project which started with an admirable set of values, achieved its goals and then changed up a gear and created a significant movement amongst painters. In all of this the art blog has proved a valuable tool for showcasing the work of various women artists and providing a place of reference and an accessible identity for their work.

Thank you Making a Mark again for recognizing the Women Painting Women and Print on Demand as being game changers for the art world!


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