Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wish I was in Boston with my paintings!

This weekend you can see my work in Boston at the Boston International Fine Art Show. It will be exhibited at the Principle Gallery's booth.
The Ascent, 55x32, oil on canvas over panel
 November 18-21, 2010
The Cyclorama
At The Boston Center for The Arts, 539 Tremont Street, in the South End
New England's Premier Show and Sale
of Contemporary and Traditional Fine Art

40 Outstanding Galleries
from the  United States and Europe
Paintings • Works on Paper • Sculpture  Photography • Fine Prints • Mixed Media

  To see more details and my previous posts about The Ascent click here.
 Flight Plan, 23x32, oil on canvas over panel
 Gaea, (Earth), 16x16, oil on canvas over panel
 Hestia, (Fire), 16x16, oil on canvas over panel
 Cardea, (Air), 16x16, oil on canvas over panel
Tethys, (Water), 16x16, oil on canvas over panel 
See my previous post about this Elements Series

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Silence and Laughter!

The silence of intense concentration, gales of laughter, or serious art talk, that was it!

The days spent on Sullivan's Island with my 11 new friends were as remarkable as any I have ever spent. I'm still reveling in the conversations we had and reliving the periods of intense silent concentration as we painted side-by-side in the house, in the gardens, on the beaches, sidewalks and cemeteries of Charleston. It was a silence accentuated by the rolling surf outside and a delicious oil paint scent in the air. It was a silence punctuated by howls of laughter as we got punch drunk on the sheer joy of it all!

I'm home from my trip to Charleston, SC, for the Women Painting Women opening at Robert Lange Studios AND the inaugural WPW on Expedition on Sullivan's Island AND my two-day workshop at Gadsden Museum of Art. Whew!

More about the Expedition later, but first came a Thursday night preview of the show and a party for the artists at the gallery director, Carrie's home on South Battery Drive. As gallery co-owner Megan Lange said it so well "Charleston will take care of ya". I'll let the photos tell the story.

The Friday WPW show opening was a jam-packed, shoulder-to-shoulder great reception! The show will be up through the end of November.

My daughter and model for "Voice of the Tiger" came to the reception,
(along with her new pink hair). 

Next came the after party.

Me with the Women Painting Women Website visionaries,
Diane Feissel, Sadie Valeri and Alia El-Bermani.

Here's a video of a walk through of the entire show posted by Robert Lange Studios.

If you're like us and can't get enough of the WPW show here are links for Diane Feissel's blog, that has many links to other artist's work and Sadie Valeri's blog, (who needed less sleep than I did and blogged the entire trip daily, well worth the read!) and the blogs of Linda Tracey Brandon, Alia El-Bermani, Mia Bergeron and Alex Tyng!

Here's a link to a wonderful blog, Underpaintings about all things art by Matthew Innis, read his take on gender specific shows. 

I'm not ready to leave this subject and will soon do another post about the Expedition and working plein air...but for now I must go paint!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Should'a Been Lifting Weights!

I'm packing for the Women Painting Women on Expedition, the plein air painting part. I've never done it before so even deciding what to take has been a challenge! I'm planning on blogging the trip as possible so thought I'd share this great tip from Alexandra Tyng for a wet canvas carrier, push pins and foam core, brilliant!

The 8x10 gessobord panels are taped to the foam core with Scotch packing tape doubled up on the back, foam core cut to the right size to barely fit in the plastic box. Each box holds 4 panels, I figure I'll carry one and leave one at the house.
Here's my french easel, stool, umbrella (doesn't fold up now I know why it was only $20 off the internet) and other misc stuff! Just realized this picture doesn't include my camera. Let's hope we get to park near the parks...
I've been exercising my quick oil sketch muscles instead of lifting weights. Here is a 1 hour sketch from last night's drawing group, X's 8 here in Birmingham. This is my pixie-esque daughter-in-law Amy in her Renaissance costume.

Charleston here we come!

Amy Mercer on the Women Painting Women Show!

See Amy Mercer's full article in the Charleston City Paper about the Women Painting Women show at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, SC.


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