Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Should'a Been Lifting Weights!

I'm packing for the Women Painting Women on Expedition, the plein air painting part. I've never done it before so even deciding what to take has been a challenge! I'm planning on blogging the trip as possible so thought I'd share this great tip from Alexandra Tyng for a wet canvas carrier, push pins and foam core, brilliant!

The 8x10 gessobord panels are taped to the foam core with Scotch packing tape doubled up on the back, foam core cut to the right size to barely fit in the plastic box. Each box holds 4 panels, I figure I'll carry one and leave one at the house.
Here's my french easel, stool, umbrella (doesn't fold up now I know why it was only $20 off the internet) and other misc stuff! Just realized this picture doesn't include my camera. Let's hope we get to park near the parks...
I've been exercising my quick oil sketch muscles instead of lifting weights. Here is a 1 hour sketch from last night's drawing group, X's 8 here in Birmingham. This is my pixie-esque daughter-in-law Amy in her Renaissance costume.

Charleston here we come!


  1. Love the sketch, recognized her right away :) thanks for posting the great tip for packing panels, so simple, light & stays in place, very nice :)

  2. As I paint 'thin', I travel with Lyons brand (made in the USA) canvas pads and leave the canvas sheets bound, so the paintings are in direct contact front to back. None have ever been damaged in this way. The only discernible effect is that slight traces of paint transfer to the backside of canvases, but as I use walnut oil, I don't worry about the acid from linseed oil eventually eating the bare fabric behind the painting.
    But again, I paint 'thin'.

  3. Thank you Rod, I will check those out. So you leave them attached to the pad and do multiple paintings? I can't quite feature how that would work when you are on the second one. I suppose you could slip a piece of paper between the canvas sheets if oil seeping through was a problem. Thanks for sharing your solution.

    1. Terry, yes, I leave them attached until I get home. This was discovered through necessity.
      Thanks for the reminder about paper. I'll get that non-stick kind for the next time I travel.



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