Sunday, August 7, 2011

Art Renewal Center's International Salon Awards

The Art Renewal Center's 2010-2011 International Salon honors have been announced. My paintings "Fast Lane" and "Voice of the Tiger" have been named finalists in the figure category, and my drawing "Mage" is a finalist in the drawing category. I'm honored to have my work included with such wonderful company!
"Fast Lane" can be seen at Peterson-Cody Gallery in Santa FE, NM, you can see my previous posts about this painting, here.

"Mage" can be seen at Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA, my previous post about this painting may be viewed here.

"Voice of the Tiger" was sold through Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, SC, last year in association with the Women Painting Women show. 

Here's a short video of the painting in progress and details.

I have several previous posts about the WPW show.

Many thanks to the people at the Art Renewal Center for encouraging and celebrating realist art in the contemporary art scene.



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