Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Farewell San Francisco!

The last few days were spent exploring the city's delicious art and painting in it's garden's.
Jacob Pfeiffer at John Pence Gallery.
Will Wilson at John Pence Gallery.
John Pence Gallery.

We found this Banksy on Howard and 9th,

Went in search of a reported Banksy on Haight Street and all that's left is the small dribble of red. We were stunned that it had been painted over!

Yarn Bomb, another type of pretty cool street art.
My daughter and I painting at the Japanese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate Park.  9x12, oil on panel
A small plein air oil sketch I did at the Golden Gate Park. "Water Lilies", 9x12, oil on panel
On our way home from San Francisco, we just happened to run in to Nowell and Sadie Valeri, who we had had the privilege of house-sitting for for the past two weeks. Destiny had intervened once again to cross our paths and it was a wonderful end to our trip.
If you are still looking for inspiration San Francisco style check out Sadie Valeri's artwork here. She will be posting work on from her five weeks spent in France soon!

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