Friday, July 29, 2011

More San Francisco Inspiration!

This week I had time to do a little painting and continue exploring the city.
"Sadie's Orchid", 9x12, oil on linen
My daughter in front of the ferry building.
Maybe it's my Florida roots but I love the graphic quality of palm trees.
Willow trees in Sausalito.
Muir Woods National Monument Park.
The play of light and dark in Muir Woods was incredible. 

I'm amazed at the eco friendly aspect of San Francisco,  everywhere there are compostable paper cups, flatware,  disposable cups, virtually everything is recyclable! Very little goes to the landfill. Garbage is separated into recyclables, compostable and landfill.
(BTW spell checker doesn't know the word compostable, sad day)
Wine tasting tour in Sonoma Valley, YES! 
Bougainvillea on Lombard Street.
Strange public toilet on Castro and Market, it has a sliding door and auto disinfecting toilet, sink and floor  after a 55 second door closing, purchased from France and modeled after public toilets in Paris. 
Found this sidewalk graffiti and thought it was cool, later found it  in other places around the city. Did a little research and found that if is the street artist Jeremy Novy.

A modified Jeremy Novy on Post Street.

A favorite find was a large Scott Fraser painting in the window of the Jenkins Johnson GalleryJohn Pence Gallery is museum huge! I saw amazing work by Jacob Pfeiffer, Anthony Wiachulis, Juliette Artistide, Carl Dobsky, Will Wilson, Zach Zdrale... and the list goes on. 

More about other galleries and new artists I've discovered during my lovely San Francisco days, but for now I'm off to explore on my last day in San Francisco.

To Be Continued...

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