Friday, May 14, 2010

It's a "Mad Science" Year

"Mad Science" has been recognized with an honorable mention in the Art Center Renewal’s 2010 International Salon. “Oracle”, charcoal, and  “Like Breath on Glass”, oil, were also recognized as finalists in this year’s competition. For my art to be included alongside these artist's whose work that I have stalked for years is an unbelievable honor!

Later this fall "Mad Science" will be in Direct Art Magazine along with my painting "Enlightenment". That is an annual NY bookazine,  since 1996, that highlights 23 artists each publication. It is always an interesting and edgy group of artists from all media so I am thrilled to be included!

The drawing "Oracle" is still available. "Like Breath on Glass" has sold to a Lebanese collector. How cool is that?

ARC 2009-2010 International Salon Competition

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