Friday, November 11, 2011

Extraterrestrials in Santa Fe?

I was only there for a couple days for my show opening at Peterson-Cody Gallery, which will be up through the end of November, 2011. I explored the downtown area and poked my head in a few galleries as well as the New Mexico Museum of Art.

It all seemed exotic and alien to my southern eyes, you'll see what I mean.
Crop circles, crops in a circle, twentieth century art?
Being a southern gardener, when I see a plant I immediately name it,  couldn't do it there, they were like alien plants.
Coolest art EVER by Rik Allen at the Blue Rain Gallery, blown glass and steel. Inside the glass capsule is a tiny red chair. Love, love, love the retro sci-fi stuff, his show was titled Adrift.
Then there were the actual aliens, street art aliens that is.
More street art. I love discovering this stuff. If anyone can identify the artists let me know. This one might be documenting the alien crash sight.
Artist, Martin Spei defying gravity with his Meteorite Man at gf Contemporary.
Karen Lamonte, cast glass, at the New Mexico Museum of Art. (possibly an abduction, only the kimono remains). Seriously, I've seen Karen's work many times and it never fails to amaze and mesmerize me.
Awesome Judy Chicago from 2000, also at the museum. Cast glass and paint with a light behind it. Kyrptonite?
Jacob Pfeiffer's work is entirely other worldly, so delicate, the colors glow! This one is Bulbous, 8x10, oil on panel, at Meyer East Gallery.

Think about actually going cross country in that thing. This was at my hotel, The Old Santa Fe Inn, a nice place to stay, right downtown and very reasonable. Starbucks 'round the clock in the lobby, and a free hot burrito breakfast bar, free wi-fi that works, yes!
Adobe construction is so bizarre and beautiful. It's everywhere, no brick or siding in sight. I was very curious about the construction.
Then I met a couple guys in the process of repairing a building. The were nice enough to answer my crazy tourist questions.
They showed me this section where the adobe bricks are visible. Also it turns out the color is a tinted lime wash and not really paint.
Evidence of extraterrestrials in New Mexico-you decide? I'm just here to ask the tough questions.
Where No Man Has Gone Before
Veni, Vidi, Veci
More later about other art and the fabulous food!

More info for those inquiring minds:
My and Forrest Solis' show installed at Peterson-Cody.
Below is a video, with commentary about the work in the show.

Blue Rain Gallery
Terry Strickland Art YouTube Channel


  1. Santa Fe's a wonderful place with lots to discover. (That plant is chamisa or rabbit brush. Beautiful yellow flowers in the fall.)

  2. Thank you Mark for telling me! It was gorgeous.

  3. I loved all the photos you took. I love the little green men. Sandra

  4. Thank you Sandra. This was a fun one to write, trying to tie in ET :)



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