Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Huffington Post Goes Incognito

I was thrilled to see an article and slideshow about The Incognito Project by artist/art writer Daniel Maidman on the Huffington Post!

I love the article. Daniel really gets my work. 

~"To me, it says that she chose the hard skill of strict mimesis, (strict imitation of the appearance of things), because she likes the people she knows; she likes them an awful lot. She likes them so much, in fact, that she wants to enjoy a specific kind of playing with them: that necessary dress-up that makes us meaningful to ourselves. This form of play is her invitation to her friends, and her skill as a painter is devoted to communicating to them, and to us, her affection, both for the person as they are, and as they understand themselves." 

AND "It characterizes Strickland's work as a whole, an overlay of the mythical self onto the recognizably real self."

AND He discusses realism in the context of the greater art world, and answers the question,"Why paint something so convincing?"

Aren't you intrigued? Now go read it!

After you do that, you can check out Daniel's show, Blue Leah at Dacia Gallery, opening Thursday, October 18, 6-10pm.

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