Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Incognito Project Exhibit

Whew! That was fun. I haven't gotten pictures from the photographer I hired to shoot the opening yet but I took a few pictures of the show before the opening so I'm sharing those.

I am definitely feeling the love. I shook hands, hugged necks, and heard very nice things from people excited about the project for four hours. It was awesome and honestly kind of a blur.  Thank you Birmingham, Alabama for making me feel welcome in my own hometown!
Art Folk Gallery is a gorgeous space and I was thrilled to exhibit this project there.
Wall quote:
“This form of play is her invitation to her friends, and her skill as a painter is devoted to communicating to them, and to us, her affection, both for the person as they are, and as they understand themselves.”
~Daniel Maidman, The Huffington Post (from The Very Serious Dress-Up Playtime of the Soul, Oct 12, 2012)
Wall quote:
“...these individuals are not merely playacting, nor are the identities they assume false. Rather, they are making a confession of sorts. They use costumes and props not to become someone they are not, but rather to enable the artist, and thereby the viewer, to see something that they are or want to be.  By going incognito, they give outward expression to their inner lives, revealing fantasies, fetishes, dreams and desires.”
~ Graham C. Boettcher, Curator of American Art, Birmingham Museum of Art, ( from The Incognito Project book foreword)

The front sides of the free standing walls were hung with the paintings.

The back sides of the free standing walls were hung with large photos from the original event and enlarged sketch book pages where I had journaled ideas for The Incognito Project. The first entry was in 2008. 
I displayed a shelf holding various props that were used in the paintings. 

The space was so large that I had room to show a few extra recent paintings.
We had a Matter Deep Publishing table so people could see what the family has been up to for the past year and to sell advance copies of The Incognito Project books, which came in just in the nick of time. 
We did the drawing for the my painting, Daydreams, Some Other Self, at the end of the  evening and it was won by Fred Leggett, of Tampa, FL. Fred is a collector of limited edition art books and was a big supporter of The Incognito Project book Kickstarter. Congratulations Fred!

I want to thank my family, my patrons and friends for making this project happen. Thank you for supporting the kickstarter to fund the book, for coming to my show and for being all around awesome!

The last shipment of books will be here on Nov 26, then we'll mail out the rest in plenty of time for Christmas. If you'd like to purchase a book, $65, you may email me at

I'll do another post when I have pictures of the space filled with happy people. 


  1. What an amazing show! I really really hate that I had to miss it!!

  2. Thank you Erin! It's pretty tough with it only being one day. Thanks for all your support.

  3. Congratulations, Terry! It looks wonderful, and I'm glad my take on your work resonated with you enough to share it like that - I'm very happy to indirectly be a part of it!

  4. Thank you! It was amazing to have you write thoughtfully about something I've been spending so much time thinking about myself. I sincerely thank you for sharing your insight!

  5. Terry, So sorry we could not make it up there. They all look so fine. We look forward to getting our copy of the famous book and seeing the end results of the equally notorious commission. Who knows, maybe it will make into incognito 2. I also mentioned your name to LeMieux Galleries in New Orleans. With a little luck, they may give you a call. They have a very diverse and classy group of artists from all over the United States, but mostly from New Orleans and South Louisiana. Perhaps Terry Stickland of Pelham should be represented as well. . .a Southern woman and proud of it. Take care. David and Nicole Holcombe

  6. Thank you David and Nicole. Thank you for the mention. New Orleans could be cool. I'd love a reason to visit Louisiana regularly! I look forward to getting started on your "notorious commission"!



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