Monday, July 19, 2010

An Incognito Project Haiku

To see what this is all about, check out my post introducing The Incognito Project

"Strange Leavings"

Wandering through home
Post Incognito Project
Crazy bizarre things... 

Whip on the sideboard
Red vampire blood in the sink
Swords in the foyer

Guitar on the bed
Gold pocket-watch on the stairs
Silver safety pins

A suit of armor
Pink flowers and a top hat 
Litter the floor

Black felt cowboy hat
Cigars in the studio
Turquoise feathers

Beer in the cooler
Pimento cheese in the fridge
And red plastic cups

A microphone stand
Transformed into a hat rack
Amplifies no more

Memories of friends
Shared secret-selves, the artist
Honored and grateful

No wordsmith, PAINTER
Must transform these images
and it must be now

(Oh that was too much fun, so silly, now I must get back to my true calling. The studio awaits!)

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