Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gadsden Museum of Art, Gadsden, Alabama

My work will be on display November-December 2010, the museum's 2010 Alabama's Finest Artists Series solo show. Last Friday, the museum gallery director, Steve Temple and I delivered 36 paintings, oil sketches and drawings to the museum. It was work from 2001- 2010, sort of a mini retrospective. I call the show "Myth and Magic in the Modern World".

 The postcard design is by Dan Hampton, museum graphic designer. I have a gallery talk on Dec 12  about my work and will do a two day workshop on November 13, and 14. The class consists of two stand-alone workshops that complement each other. Class size is limited to 12. Each day is a complete workshop and may be taken singly or together. 

“It’s All Relative!” Sat, Nov. 13, 2010, 10am-5pm
Learn to see and paint correct value AND temperature, the often overlooked 4th property of color.  You’ll create a limited palette painting incorporating the principles as you go. Once you learn to see this way your painting will be changed forever-it really is all relative! 

“So Many Colors!” Sun, Nov. 14, 2010, 1-6pm
A methodical and rational way to organize a palette and mix true colors that cuts though the confusion! Why reinvent the wheel when you can explore traditional painting methods from beginning to end? I will share my painting method condensed from 30 years experience for you.

Other points covered in both workshops:
~Using edge control
~transparency vs opacity
~learning to see reflected light

$95 per day or $175 for  both days. $50 deposit to hold your place.
Contact Gadsden Museum of Art to register (256) 546-7365.
Here's a short video I made of for the Museum about the work.


  1. Wonderful! I wish I lived close enough to come see this show.

  2. How very great! I would love so much to see the show. I have not seen much work here in Los Angeles that matches this in either quality or spirit.

  3. Thank you, I wish you were close enough too. So there is not much figurative work going on in LA?



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