Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Portrait Cover Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions

Professional Artist Magazine has put the entire article on their website along with images of several honorable mentions, listed as standouts among the 1000 entries considered in the competition.

See the entire article by Louise Buyo here. 

The second place winner was Sara Scribner. Here's one of Sara's paintings from her website that I enjoy. I had the pleasure of meeting Sara at the Women Painting Women show in Charleston, SC, last fall at the Robert Lange Studios and seeing her winning painting in person!

 “The Shadow Obscures” Oil on panel 22x28 2009

The third place winner was Maayan Zari, a photographer from Jerusalem, Israel. This is another one of her portraits from her website that I enjoy.

Maayan Zari

I have subscribed to this magazine for years, I think it has much valuable info for working artists, motivational columns, info about networking, shows to enter and other opportunities including workshops.

You can buy the current March issue with my painting, "Voice of the Tiger" on the cover here in a down loadable digital pdf, for $3.95.


  1. What a great post is this! First off because I love your painting, second because I follow Sara's blog (both her and her husband paint, as you no doubt know) and she is extremely talented like you, and finally because I can now find out more about all of the winners (wasn't able to find the mag at my local stores ... still want to though.)

    So, congrats (again) and thanks.



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