Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Incognito Project Gets a Shine

I varnished the first batch of The Incognito Project paintings this week. Fun to see this work coming together, and varnish day is always exciting, seeing the colors come back to their full saturation.
 "The Lion Tamer", 16x16, oil on panel
 "The Rake", 16x16, oil on panel
 "Bram's Lullaby", 16x16, oil on panel
 "The Activist", 16x16, oil on panel
 "Yippee Ki-Yay", 16x16, oil on panel
 "The Torch Singer", 16x16, oil on panel
This work is for a self-produced show that will be here in Birmingham, AL, details to be announced. To see more about the project click here.


  1. Terry, I can just taste this series and it is luscious!

  2. Tricia, that's funny, I talk about paint like it's good enough to eat too.



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