Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Special Delivery Eight Years Later

"The Lion Tamer" is the first of the Incognito Project pieces to be delivered to it's new home. This is the model and her daughter. My collector has generously agreed to loan the painting back for the eventual show, but in the mean time she and her family get to enjoy it while I finish the rest of the paintings for the show!
Peggy is a Birmingham local, art and marketing is her profession. She is someone who always has a smile on her face and a sunshiny personality. She is thrilled with my depiction of her "fierce" incognito personae. I've caught glimpses of this steely strength in the years that we've been friends and it was fun to have her share that side of herself with me.
"The Lion Tamer-The Incognito Project", 16x16, oil on panel, and details
As I'm posting this I realize just how long I've been friends with Peggy, she in fact modeled for me when she was pregnant with this very same daughter. At the time, 2003, she told me she'd always wanted to be an artist's model and was happy to check that off her bucket list.
"Dawn", 7x15, 2003

This painting was in my first museum show at the Meridian Museum of Art in Meridian Mississippi, January 2004. It is now in the collection of Carly Strickland. I really do have the coolest friends!

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