Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Power Struggle"

30x40, oil on panel. This piece is fresh off the easel and not yet varnished so I'll have better pictures later.

A profile is tricky business and this intense light situation made this a challenge, it's been on the easel for a couple months now. I hope the photos show the multiple layers.
The shadows were so intensely warm with the light bouncing up from the yellow table that the entire scene was flooded with a warm glow. To keep it from being almost monochromatic I pushed the idea that the highlights were cool.



  1. Very nice Terry , another brilliant piece !

  2. Terry, Thanks for posting these detail shots (both on this painting and the earlier ones). You are so generous to do this so that those of us who are out of town can really get into your paintings. Great Work!

  3. Thank you Tricia. I like details because you really can't see a painting this large, 30x40 when it gets shrunk to post card size :)

  4. awesome, love the details too :) Carly won right, you can see it in her eye there is no way she could lose ;)

  5. Thanks Tracey:) She's a powerhouse for sure! Are power struggles in relationships ever really over?



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