Monday, June 3, 2013

Women Painting Women Call for Works!

Richard J Demato Fine Arts Gallery in Sag Harbor, New York is doing a WPW show and female figurative artists are invited to submit work.
Click here for submission details.
You probably are familiar with the Women Painting Women blog and the various shows that have been popping up over the last few years. There was the Robert Lange Studios show in 2010, the Principle Gallery, WPW: Expedition and Beyond show in 2012 and this fall, 2013 the WPW: (R)evolution show at Principle Gallery.

Some of the artists involved with WPW had an idea to encourage artists, galleries and museums to host their own WPW shows concurrently with the Sept. 2013, Principle Gallery WPW:(R)evolution Exhibit.
This is the basic idea of a ground roots effort. It puts the initiative for change in the artist's hands, and harnesses the power of the group to advertise and promote each other's work and the WPW as a movement.

The vision is that in September and October of 2013 there will be a rash of exhibitions celebrating and promoting the amazing figurative works coming from today's women artists.

So far there are six galleries that have signed on!
Principle Gallery, Alexandria, VA
Haynes Gallery, Nashville, TN
MGallery, Charleston, SC
Richard J Demato Fine Art, Sag Harbor, NY
Art Exposure Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland UK
San Angelo Art Club, San Angelo, TX

What can you do?  Invite your own galleries or art venues to host a WPW exhibition of their own in September.  As with the previous WPW exhibitions, expect a lot of press, so if your gallery or museum is interested, please let the WPW know as soon as possible so that they can add their name to the ever growing list of participating venues. Send your info to

Here is the link to the WPW website with more info.

Find Women Painting Women on Facebook

A quick reprise to catch you up to speed if you're not familiar with the WPW as a movement:

Women Painting Women was a blog started in 2008 by artists Sadie Jernigan Valeri, Alia El-Bermani, and Diane Feissel to highlight underrepresented female artists working in the figurative tradition with this theme. The blog took on new life in 2010, when the Robert Lange Studio in Charleston, SC hosted a juried exhibition—appropriately titled, "Women Painting Women." Over 50 female artists from the United States and Europe partook in this show—proving that an appetite for this theme was alive and well.
Out of this exhibit was formed a smaller group of women, bound by an interest in working together. During a one-week residency outside Charleston, 14 artists- Mia Bergeron, Alia El-Bermani, Linda Tracey Brandon, Rachel Constantine, Diane Feissel, Lisa Gloria, Catherine Prescott, Cindy Procious, Shannon Runquist, Katherine Stone, Terry Moore Strickland, Stefani Tewes, Alexandra Tyng, and Sadie Jernigan Valeri painted together, taking on technical challenges as well as finding a space to voice their concerns and hopes as women making art in the twenty first century. And though they shared an interest in the overall theme, they were of different ages, backgrounds and experiences.

The residency in Charleston was a formative one, and the women stayed in touch for two years until, in April 2012, Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA asked them to come together again, this time for a show titled, "Women Painting Women: The Expedition and Beyond." Here is a link to a catalog of the works in that show.

Due to the success of both these shows, Principle Gallery will be hosting a second exhibition of the group's work.

"Women Painting Women: (R)evolution" opens on September 20th, 2013. 

The goal of this show—as with the group's past shows—is to expand the collective sense of what a woman is and means in the realm of art. Each artist has been asked to invite one female artist to exhibit alongside them, thus multiplying the power and vision of the group twofold.

Above all, though, the hope of the artists in this exhibit is to show variety, and to continue to build community and visibility for women artists.

Find me on Facebook. I'll be posting periodically about the upcoming shows!

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