Friday, August 7, 2009

"Honey Chile" 12x12

This is the same model I used in my Frog Princess series. I loved her provocative expression and had to try to capture it with paint. She'd brought the peonies with her to the photo shoot and posed very naturally with them.
While I was painting this I was listening to a Fat's Domino Tribute Album and was enchanted by a Lucinda Williams version of Honey Chile. Her latest album is Little Honey and classic Lucinda in it's bold sensuality.

Honey Chile is such a common endearment here in the south I knew I'd found the title for the piece, but the painting itself was still lacking something. The honey lyrics had brought to mind bees so into the painting they went, a small symbol to represent that irresistible, intangible quality of attraction.

This painting may also be viewed on the
Available Works Page of my website.

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