Monday, August 9, 2010

"Voice of the Tiger", oil painting by Terry Strickland

Here's a video slide show of my new painting, it's 33x32, and oil on canvas over panel. The video includes close-ups and the work in progress. If you have a fast Internet connection check out the HD version just for fun.

This photo reference sat around in my studio for about two years, it was a favorite photo of my daughter. I loved her expression but wasn't sure what to do with the background. The composition gradually evolved with the idea of a circus poster, something about a tiger, and a storm approaching. 
Finally it came to me while watching Carnivale, the made for HBO series, that the poster should be on a canvas behind her. Isn't it interesting how we find inspiration in images, words and music from other media?

I originally took this photo when my daughter was in a vaudeville type show at a local theater, this was her costume. I had a difficult time choosing a title for this piece but when I discovered the meaning of the word "Vaudeville" it's french meaning "Voice of the City" somehow that clicked and she became "Voice of the Tiger".
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  1. Terry, Wonderful blog you've got going here. Great content and beautiful art. Looking forward to following.

  2. Thanks Candace, Good luck with your studies, I look forward to seeing what you get up to as well.

  3. My Lovely Terry,
    I've just discovered you and your work and it is absolutely breathtaking!!
    Thank you for allowing me the honor of admiring your work daily on your website and blog.
    What magnificence!
    Joyfully Yours

  4. I am so glad to have discovered your work. I really like it!
    My blog deals with my skies only.

    My web-site shows my figurative work:



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