Monday, October 31, 2011

Golden Apples and Blues Eyes

Count Down to "Story Within"- 4 days to go!

The last piece I did for the show and one I have not posted on the blog yet is The Bribe, 11x14, oil on panel.
My model is holding a golden apple. She appears to be a modern girl, but could she be Athena, the witch from Cinderella or temptation in another form? You choose your own poison.
This is a new model for me and great to work with. It's been awhile since I painted a blond,  I had to really think twice about it.

Another challenge was that I wanted the model's face to be in very soft focus and the apple and hands very clear.
My daughter-in-law, Amy Strickland, found this model to be the Athena character on the cover for the second book (in progress) in her Olympia Heights Series of young adult, supernatural books.

We worked on the photography for her cover together, inspired by her Greek mythology golden apple I was compelled to do this piece about temptation. 

Here's the Peterson-Cody November Newsletter with more info about "Story Within", my two-person with Forrest Solis, opening Nov. 4, 2011. 

Here is my October Newsletter. See you tomorrow!

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