Tuesday, June 12, 2012

April Painting Fools in Pennsylvania

After the opening of The Expedition and Beyond at Principle Gallery, Alexandria Va, in April those of us that could sneak away for a few extra days went up to artist Catherine Prescott's home in Pennsylvania for a little camaraderie and painting time together.
Sadie Valeri, Carly Strickland, me, Linda Tracey Brandon, Catherine Prescott, Diane Feissel, Front row, Rachel Constantine, Alexandra Tyng, Stefanie Tewes, Alia El-Bermani
Plein Air-less Painting, this is the Expedition and Beyond group, now that's hard core! (image inspired by all those pictures of outdoor painters in EXTREME weather conditions)

The Women Painting Women, Expedition and Beyond show is over at Principle Gallery, but you may still purchase or view the catalog. It is marked down to the post show price of $15.00. It is also available as a digital download for only $2.90. The digital download is FREE with a print version.

This is Cathy in her studio with one of her fabulous paintings.
Rachel Constantine and Cathy Prescott painting out Cathy's back door.
 This is the hill out behind Catherine's home.
Catherine's Field, 12x9, oil on panel
My daughter Carly, who is an illustrator, was with me this time, so she enjoyed a little plein air painting on her laptop. Here's a post she did on her blog about it. After she met these artists she more fully understands my appreciation of this group!
Carly's illustration she did plein air from that session.
I was unprepared for how beautiful Pennsylvania is.
Sweet Breetches Creek. 9x12, oil on panel
Awesome, painting in PJ's or with a cat on your lap. Totally my idea of a vacation.

I'm enjoying this kind for speed painting, since most of my work is more what I'd call slow painting. It has given me a new appreciation for alla-prima and plein-air landscape work. Happy painting whatever your speed!

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