Monday, September 24, 2012

Professor Rattus and Her Royal Court Video

I made a video of the pet rat wrangling that went on behind the scenes at the photo shoot for this painting.



Here's Carly's statement from the book about Professor Rattus.

Witness Statement:
I find that my ability to converse intelligently is inversely proportional to my proximity to a furry mammal. If it’s furry and friendly, I want to hold it and talk to it to the exclusion of the humans around me. My conversation, that may have started as, “Why, yes, I did hear that the Large Hadron Collider created an event that was a hundred thousand times hotter than the sun,” devolves into, “My goodness! Who’s a furry critter? You’re a furry thing. Yes, you are.” Take equal parts Asimov and Conan Doyle, two writers I’m passionate about, and add a dash of furry minions, and I can wallow in a mystical land tailored just for me.  ~Carly

This painting is one of The Incognito Project pieces:
~You may see the painting in Birmingham, AL on Nov.3 2012, at Art Folk Gallery, 5-9 pm, Young and Vann Building, 1731 First Avenue North. 
~You may pre-order the book about the project by emailing me at ($60, includes domestic shipping)

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