Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beyond Appearances: Intricate Portraits - Past, Present, Future

In Honor of Women's History Month
GE Women's Network celebrates 15th Anniversary with ART
Beyond Appearances: Intricate Portraits – Past, Present, Future

Four of my works are being shown alongside the work of four other women artists in this exhibit at the General Electric Headquarters  in Fairfield, CT. The show is up through April 26, 2013.

The show is curated and arranged by Picture That, LLC, a company that specializes in promoting cultural awareness through the arts.

From the GE Cultural Fine Art Gallery website: "The portraits presented in this exhibition reveal the thoughts, relationships, and realities that lie beyond the surface. Dreams, recollections, and connections between generations are captured across the selected canvases."

"Flight Plan", 23x32, oil
Dreams of Flying, oil, 18x24 
"Oracle", 22x30, Charcoal and Pastel
“Mary Lee as Artemisia Gentileschi” Incognito Project, 16x16,  oil

Terry's work is "...focused on the inner workings of her subjects' hearts and minds. The personalities and individual stories that simmer within a woman's subconscious are on display in most of her work.

While Mathis's fixation on the Early Renaissance is literal, Strickland goes a step further, portraying her subject as a famous 17th Century painter in "Mary Lee as Artemisia Gentileschi." Not only is she juxtaposing histories, but delving and pulling each in to the other to form a new context in which Gentileschi and Mary Lee represent an artistic paradigm.

In other works, the psychic symbolism of flight is also on display, as Strickland defines the intuitive desire to soar in both "Dreams of Flying," and "Flight Plan." By transforming and taking to the sky, Strickland's subject is able to find new heights and visualize new perspectives beyond her position on the ground."
"Madame and the Madonna Enthroned", Oil, Barbara Mathis
"Dana Watkins and Shirley Chisholm",  Acrylic, Simone Spruce-Torres
"Time Enough",  Upcycled Junk Mail, Greeting Cards on Canvas,  Sandhi Schimmel Gold
"The Icon", Oil,  Norma Greenwood
My painting “Mary Lee as Artemisia Gentileschi” is part of The Incognito Project. More information and details about the painting can be found on pages 38-41 of the book about the project.

Here's is a recent interview I did with ABC 33/40's Dave Baird about The Incognito Project.

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