Saturday, July 27, 2013

They Went Incognito and Still Got Recognized

Three of The Incognito Project paintings have been named Finalists in The Artist's Magazine's the 30th Annual  Competition. Woohoo!
These paintings are The Mariner, Professor Rattus and Her Royal Court, and Home Maker.

These are paintings from my portrait series completed last fall, and included in The Incognito Project book. The book is available on Amazon, on my website, or in the side bar of this blog.

For all the veracity implied by her meticulous and unflinching style, the works maintain a seductive fantasticalness and seem to dance a jig on the line between the real and the imaginary.
                         ~ Graham C. Boettcher, Curator of American Art, Birmingham Museum of Art

Click Read More below for more about the project and a video.

They gathered and donned their costumes under the watchful eye of “The Dame”. This was no ordinary party though. The artist and the participants conspired. The guises were not simple whimsy, each were significant in their own way.  Did they conceal themselves, did they reveal true selves, become something they aspire to, or divulge some fantastic alter ego, who is more descriptive than their “true” image?

The event and the resulting 25 award-winning portraits of the guests in their guises are cleverly and beautifully documented in this high quality, limited edition art book. Photos of the event as well as writings by the artist, the participants and an assortment of other commentators, punctuate the glossy photos of the exquisite paintings. All this is wrapped up in a campy film noir theme to deliver a coffee table art book that is far more entertaining than you thought possible.

It wasn't all work, there was also rat wrangling! (This model is my daughter, very talented illustrator and children's book author Carly Strickland)

Praise for The Incognito Project:

This form of play is her invitation to her friends, and her skill as a painter is devoted to communicating to them, and to us, her affection, both for the person as they are, and as they understand themselves.
                         ~Daniel Maidman, The Huffington Post, Oct 2012

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