Monday, September 16, 2013

Daughter of Thought, Women Painting Women:(R)evolution

Here's my third painting in the show at Principle Gallery, opening Sept 20, 2013.

Daughter of Thought,  47x32, oil on canvas over panel.
My model was Philadelphian, and fellow Women Painting Women artist, Rachel Constantine. She is a stand-in for each of my Athena like WPW sisters.

Click Read More below to see more details and links to all the artists in the show.

In Greek mythology, Metis, was known as the Titaness of wisdom, cunning and deep thought. Who more appropriate than her daughter, Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom, as subject for a (R)evolution themed exhibit?

Like Athena, my WPW sisters share their wisdom with generosity and love, but I know if the day came I when I needed a warrior rather than an advisor they’d be all in.

Because this was an imaginary setting I tried to push the color temperature of the light. The color bouncing off the brunt umber draper was warm and I imagined that the light coming from outside the temple was cool. This idea allowed me to play with some blues and lavenders on the flesh tones and the owl.

I kept the brushwork loose to indicate movement when I painted the owl.

I allowed the underpainting to show through in places and built up the paint more solidly in the areas of light.

Keeping the paint transparent and allowing the burnt umber underpainting to show through in spots worked well when recreating the stone floor and columns. 

A catalog, produced by Matter Deep Publishing, of the exhibit is available. It includes images of all the paintings in the show and statements from each artist
See details about my other two contributions to this show on the posts- The Seamstress and Self Portrait with Beard.

Here's the complete roster of amazing artists in the show,
(with links to their websites):

See you Friday night in Alexandria, VA!

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