Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Principle Gallery Face Off - Round II

The Face Off- Round II went off without a hitch and a good time was had by all. I have to say thank you to my fellow artists who helped me settle my nerves so that I could PAINT!

And a big thank you to Michele, Clint, Julia, Jessica and Chris, who kept everything running incredibly smoothly. You guys are the best.

Here is a pictorial review for your enjoyment! Photos courtesy of Principle Gallery

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Rachel's and my model, fellow Women Painting Women: (R)evolution artist,  Alia El-Bermani, in the foreground.
Cindy's and Mia's model, fellow Women Painting Women: (R)evolution artist,  Catherine Prescott.

It was tricky to get good light on the paintings and not have it wash out the drama on the model so I resorted to a clamp on light.

Final efforts, left to right, Mia Bergeron, Cindy Procious, Terry Strickland and Rachel Constantine. 
Mia Bergeron's final painting. 20x16
Cindy Procious's final painting, 16x12.
My final painting, 20x16. 
Rachel Constantine's final painting, 16x20.
If you've been following the blog you know that I've been posting some of my alla prima practice sessions. I was really happy that I had practiced and even then it was so easy to be distracted by the crowd, noise and unfamiliar conditions. It was a great "outside my comfort zone" learning experience.

All of these artists and models, are just a few of the 32 artists that will have work in the WPW:(R)evolution show later this month, at Principle Gallery. The opening is Friday, Sept. 20, 2013, 6:30-9:00pm. We'll all be in town, so if you missed the Face-Off don't miss this show. Stop by and say hey!

Here's the complete roster of amazing artists in the show, (with links to their websites):
Jennifer Balkan
Mia Bergeron
Alia El-Bermani
Linda Tracey Brandon
Candice Bohannon
Rachel Constantine
Ellen Cooper
Ellen Eagle
Diane Feissel
Felicia Forte
Zoey Frank
Katherine Fraser
Lisa Gloria
Tara Juneau
Andrea Kemp
Stanka Kordic
Susan Lyon
Linda Lee Nelson
Teresa Oaxaca
Katie O’Hagan
Catherine Prescott
Cindy Procious
Paula Rubino
Shannon Runquist
Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco
Kate Savage
Katherine Stone
Terry Moore Strickland
Stefani Tewes
Alexandra Tyng
Sadie Jernigan Valeri
Lea Colie Wight

More about the WPW shows from me later, but in the mean time here are a few links: the WPW press coverage thus far, the WPW fall shows preview on Underpaintings blog,  the Principle show on Underpaintings blog, the Haynes Galleries show on Underpaintings blog, and an insightful post from Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco's Blog.

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