Friday, September 3, 2010

I'll be Teaching Two Fall Workshops at Forstall Art Center and Gadsden Museum of Art

The first is a workshop consisting of two stand-alone workshops that complement each other at Forstall Art Center in Birmingham, AL, Sept 24 & 25, 2010, 10am-5pm, Class size is limited. Each day is a complete workshop and may be taken singly or with the other.

“It’s All Relative!” Friday, Sept 24, 2010
Learn to see and paint correct value AND temperature, the often overlooked 4th property of color.  You’ll create a limited palette painting incorporating the principles as you go. Once you learn to see this way your painting will be changed forever-it really is all relative!

“So Many Colors!” Saturday, Sept 25, 2010
A methodical and rational way to organize a palette and mix true colors that cuts though the confusion! Why reinvent the wheel when you can explore traditional painting methods from beginning to end? Terry will share her painting method condensed from 30 years experience for you.

Other points covered in both workshops:
~Using edge control
~transparency vs opacity
~learning to see reflected light

Here are details of a little study of a still life I set up for my students, trying to further understand and teach color temperature using warm and cool grays. Really interesting things happen when reflected light changes colors and temperature. This was done with a limited palette, the same one we'll be using in the "It's All Relative!" workshop. This is more finished than what we'll be able to get done in a one day workshop but the idea is there.
To sign-up contact Forstall Art Center.

I'll be offering  “It’s All Relative!” Sat, Nov 13, 2010, 10AM-5PM, and
“So Many Colors!” Sunday, Nov 14, 2010, 1-6PM  at the Gadsden Museum of Art in Gadsden, AL. The classes are designed to be stand-alone and yet compliment each other so that students may take either one or both.

It will be offered in conjunction with my show which is part of the Alabama's Finest Artists Series. To sign up for that workshop contact Gadsden Museum.



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