Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Principle Gallery Drawings Exhibition

This is the invitation for Principle Gallery's Drawings Exhibition opening later this month with it's breathtakingly beautiful drawing by Adam Vinson on the front. 

I have two charcoal and pastel drawings in the show, both are explorations of the magical world. The gallery asked for a statement about my drawings which turned out to be an interesting exercise in analyzing my approach to drawing.

I think of my drawings as dry-media paintings with the same conceptual themes and attitude as my oil paintings. I see the world in terms of mass, volume, light and shadow rather than in lines and my drawings and paintings both reflect that.

I routinely attend a life drawing group to sharpen my drawing skills and to fully understand anatomy. When working from multiple photographs as I frequently do,  it’s important to understand that the camera can flatten an image. As an artist I want to reinterpret that flattened image into a life-like painting.

My finished drawings often include mixed-media, conte crayon, pastels, charcoal or graphite in pencil, stick or powder form, whatever it takes to realize my vision!
"Mage", 22x16  
 "Oracle", 30x22 
These drawings will be shown with the drawings of 24 other artists, regulars from the gallery's stable. This is the first drawing show for Principle Gallery and I'm thrilled to participate!
Magic in my very first blog post, and more magic in this post about a painting "In Defiance of Gravity".
"Oracle", the painting.
A few other Strickland drawings, or visit the Principle Gallery Blog.


  1. Beautiful stuff!! Would love to be able to see this show in person.

  2. Thank you. I'd love to see it all together too. I'll put some pictures up if they post on their blog.



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