Saturday, January 29, 2011

A journey by sea and land, five hundred miles, is not undertaken without money. ~Lewis Hallam

Of course it was more like 1300 miles and not really across the sea but you get the drift. Yikes! These boxes are expensive but the paintings traveled well and arrived unharmed and safely delivered to Peterson-Cody Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico by FedEx ground.
The boxes are "Strongboxes" and can be purchased from Airfloat Systems. They have a liner that is as puncture resistant as 3/4 inch plywood and foam padding all around that  you can custom cut to fit the work.
The paintings were wrapped in Dartek film that I first learned about from the Mobile Museum of Art when they shipped one of my paintings back to me wrapped in the stuff. It doesn't stick to the varnish in my experience. It can be purchased from University Products.
I taped the boxes shut with EXTREME amounts of Scotch "Extreme Tape", loaded them in the back of my Mazda and headed off to the local FedEx office, where I turned them over to a very nice man and held my breath for the next four days.
Shipping work across country is not for the faint of heart!


  1. lol I totally know the feeling. I can't imagine shipping pieces as amazing as yours and still being able to stand, I think I would just turn blue and hit the floor before they passed over the counter!

  2. I have used AirFloat boxes for years. I have two that have been used over and over again. They really work well - never had a painting or glass framed piece arrive damaged yet! I am interested in the Dartek film as I have never heard of that. Thanks!

  3. Tracy, I guess I'll get used to it. :) Karen, I like the Dartek because bubble wrap, foam, foam core or cardboard can stick to the varnish, scrub a dull spot, even glassine has dulled the varnish, and this doesn't seem to stick at all. To test it I covered a figure studywith the film, piled books on it and left it on my deck all day in our hot southern summer. The study was unharmed so I've been hooked since.



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