Monday, April 30, 2012

Principle Gallery Opening!

Women Painting Women - The Expedition and Beyond opening on April 13, 2012 in Alexandria, Virginia, was great fun.
American Art Collector Ad, April 2012
American Art Collector preview article, April 2012
Twelve of the thirteen artists who's work is on display were in attendance. (We missed you Kate Stone.)
It was a great experience for the artists and their new collectors. How often are the artists, their models and their collectors in the same room?

Here are the happy new owners of The Three Fates, and my models for the painting, Diane Feissel, Sadie Valeri and Alia El-Bermani.  

It's always a treat to meet new collectors and to have an opportunity to ask them why they relate to the work. After meeting Diana and Chip I have no doubt The Three Fates is going to a good home.

They enjoyed meeting the models/artists, and getting everyone's autographs in the catalog of the exhibition. The catalog is still available and on sale for $15.85 (marked down from $19.00). The publisher, MagCloud is having a spring sale through May 13, 2012. 

It was pretty much standing room only and the air was crackling with awesome energy.
Linda Tracey Brandon with her new collector and model/artist Mia Bergeron.
My daughter Carly, and my friend, Washington, DC area
artist Tricia Ratliff.
Tricia did a wonderful interview on her blog, Agile Arts Journal, of Diane, Sadie and Alia, the three Women Painting Women bloggers. Check it out, it has some great insight about the show.

I went back the next day to take some pictures of the installation with out the crowd.
Kate Stone
Sadie Valeri, Alex Tyng, Rachel Constantine
Cindy Procious, and a table for the catalogs and the
American Art Collector Magazine.
Sadie Valeri's glorious self portrait and a peek into the yellow room.
Alia  El-Bermani, Catherine Prescott, and Stefani Tewes.
Figure paintings look especially nice on those signature pumpkin colored walls at Principle Gallery.
Linda Tracey Brandon, Kate Stone, and Sadie Valeri

One need look no further than this section of the gallery to see how inspired by each other we are. Left to right, Diane Feissel's painting of Rachel Constantine, Alia El-Bermani's painting of Diane Feissel and my painting of Diane Feissel, Sadie Valeri and Alia El-Bermani.
Mia Bergeron
My little still-life, Hand in Glove.
I love this view of Rachel Constantine's self portrait and Alia El-Bermani's painting facing each other.

Stefani Tewes, Rachel Constantine
Some studies from The Expedition done on location in Charleston.
Shannon Runquist over the fireplace.

Stefani Tewes
Alex Tyng

You can see all 39 pieces in the show in the catalog. The show is up through mid May. Here's the video slide show preview of the exhibit.


  1. Looks like a great show...very much wish I could come see it in person! Looks also like everyone involved had such a good time! Congratulations.

  2. Thanks Karen. It is an amazing group of artists!



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