Friday, May 4, 2012

Power Struggle Inspires

I received a fun email a couple weeks ago. My painting, Power Struggle, has been used by film student, Tami Ross at Savannah College of Art and Design as inspiration for a classroom assignment.

Tami wrote to me saying, "This quarter I am taking a lighting class and our first project was to take a painting that inspires us and re-create it with a little narrative. I used Power Struggle and wanted to share my short film with you."

I was so humbled to know that one of my painting inspired a student. I thought she did a great job creating her own narrative for the painting and recreating the lighting and casting.

Tami has a blog, My Mixed Media Life. I will try to follow her as she makes her way through the art world.

My daughter, Carly Strickland, wrote a paper when she went to SCAD about one of my paintings I did when I was in college. It was a fun essay for me to read about a painting that had been hanging in our house the entire time Carly was growing up.

In 2010 I was asked to do an interview with SCAD painting student Emily Tenebaum. Her assignment was a process where they analyze a body of work based on "ICU", Intensity, Complexity, and Unity. That is  great way to think about an artist's body of work. Emily was kind enough to let me post her essay when I wrote about the interview.

When I told Carly about the interview, she said, "Hey, I think I know that girl." Turns out she and Emily had a Women's Art Studies class together and they'd been talking about how much they each enjoyed William Bouguereau, not realizing that they also had a connection to me. Small world.

Remember if you are in the Alexandria, VA area stop in and see the Women Painting Women - The Expedition and Beyond at Principle Gallery, on display through mid-May.

You may see my work in Santa Fe at Sugarman-Peterson Gallery, and in Cinncinati, OH at Miller Gallery.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing my film! I am so inspired by your work and thrilled this project gave me the opportunity to find you!

    1. You are welcome Tami. Please do keep in touch! Best of luck with future projects.



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