Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Incognito Project Book Kickstarter

The Incognito Project, my two year portrait painting series is nearing completion! I have a date and venue for the exhibition.
November 3, 2012
Art Folk Gallery, Young & Vann Building, 1731 First Avenue North
Birmingham, AL, USA

The final stop on this carnival ride of a project is to produce a book, documenting the project. The book has grown from a simple coffee table book, a mere catalog of images into something more!

We have launched a kickstarter to fund printing of a super shiny, first run edition of the book. You can see the video and full description of all that it entails here

The Incognito Project Book cover, kickstarter
It will now included an foreword about the work by Graham Boettcher, PhD Yale University, Curator of American Art at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

The Incognito Project book documents the series from the beginning, featuring photographs and interviews from the first Incognito art event, which was part photo-shoot, part costume party.

It will include high resolution images, details of all twenty-five paintings and writing from the creative minds at Matter Deep Publishing.

The book is laid out like a case file, where I slip into my own fantasy and play the role of voyeur and observer of humans, a detective unraveling the mysteries of my subjects.

Two page spread from the book.
Thank you for all the support you have shown to me over the years! Please share the kickstarter with your friends and family, help us get the word out and get this book published!

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