Monday, August 27, 2012

The Incognito Project Book Update!

first two page spread
The kickstarter is well underway. We are 89% funded with 6 days to go. Carly's design for the book looks amazing!

To buy a book at a big discount you can go to the kickstarter project page and pledge $50, (that's the book including shipping). After the kickstarter is over the book will retail for $65 (+shipping).
The Incognito Project book cover

I have several other packages you could pledge, some smaller with images of the paintings on a calendar or notecards.  There a few packages that include some of my original oil sketches and the Applause painting from the Incognito Project.
Two page spread that includes details from my self-portrait, The Stake-Out

It's been very exciting. Carly and I decided it needed a larger format so it is now 12"x9", about the size of a high school year book. And it's around 120 pages!
two page spread for The Torch Singer

two page spread of pictures from the original photo shoot in 2010

Because of the large format of the book I bought a new Canon EOS Rebel T31, with 18 megapixels! I've re-shot the paintings and it's very exciting. Some of the pages will be 2 full page spread bleeds, so it shows the brush work and color very clearly.
detail page of The Activist
The book will included an foreword about the work by Graham Boettcher, PhD Yale University, Curator of American Art at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

The Incognito Project book documents the series from the beginning, featuring photographs and interviews from the first Incognito art event, which was part photo-shoot, part costume party. It will include writing from the models and commentary from others.

final two page spread for the book

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