Saturday, February 23, 2013

Harlem Shake Video or a Typical Matter Deep Publishing Board Meeting

Our little family business, Matter Deep Publishing, had some fun this week making our own version of the Harlem Shake video meme currently zipping through cyberspace. If you haven't seen the phenom you can check it out at KnowYour Meme.

The video includes my son Kyle, dancing solo at the beginning; my daughter Carly as Cookie Monster Girl; her fiancee, Will, in the lampshade; my husband in his Mr. Valentine costume; my daughter-in-law, Amy making an appearance with Linus, the beagle with a bowtie; our other granddog, Apollo, looking confused; and me with the Hulk hands. Even my mother got it on it. That's her in the background with a rain stick and crown, cause she is the Queen of the clan, you know?

It's a shame we never have any fun and that our kids are so inhibited. Hope you enjoy this we bit of madness!



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