Monday, February 25, 2013

Steampunk Professor Rattus and Lois Lane

Tomorrow may be my birthday but today held a big, happy surprise.

My painting Professor Rattus and Her Royal Court, The Incognito Project, is featured in an ad for Principle Gallery in the American Art Collector's March 2013 issue.
And in the same issue, my painting, Fast Lane, is in the article about collecting art in the Washington, DC & Mid-Atlantic States area. Thank you Principle Gallery and American Art Collector!
Just for fun here's a video of the rat wrangling it took to get photo reference for Professor Rattus.

And here is a video of in progress shots and details of Fast Lane.

You may find a blog post with Professor Rattus and details here, and details of Lois Lane in Fast Lane and the companion piece Call of Duty, here.

All three of these paintings are featured in The Incognito Project book, which is available at Principle Gallery, through Matter Deep Publishing or from my website.

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